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Faculty | BSc(Hons) in Fisheries

Name & Designation Education Research Interest
Peya Dey
Assistant professor and Head
B.Sc. ( Honours) in Fisheries, Khulna University MS in Fish Processing and Quality Control, Khulna University Aquaculture, Fish disease, Limnology
Mst. Turjaun Nesa
B.Sc in Fisheries, University of Rajshahi. M.Sc in Fisheries, University of Rajshahi. M.Phil(Ongoing), University of Rajshahi. Fish pathology, Fish/Food preservation, Fish feed and Nutrition.
Tasnia Ferdous
B. Sc. Fisheries (Honour’s), Department of Fisheries, University Of Rajshahi Seasonal variation in Condition Index and Reproductive Activity of Blood Cockle ( Anadara granosa) from the coastal region of Bangladesh.